Are You Really Listening?

So many people are up in arms about the fact that our national government doesn’t appear to want to listen to anyone except their friends. Anyone who disagrees with them is labelled an idiot, bigot, hate-monger, ignorant, terrorist threat, etc. This has a tendency to leave the people whom they serve feeling as if the government could care less about anyone but themselves.

It got me thinking…how much do we as leaders in the church fall guilty of this as well? There are some leaders who believe that they know better (or best) than anyone else, and to question their ideas is proof of the questioner’s ignorance and lack of spirituality. We need to keep ourselves as leaders accountable to someone as well. Yes, God is the best, but we always tend to give that as an excuse that we’re always in the right. We need human accountability as well because, quite frankly, if we don’t like what we hear from God, we tend to dismiss it away in our minds and pursue what we want anyway.

A friend of mine recently put a status on a public profile that got me thinking, and I wanted to share it with the greater public…

The Church’s refusal to entertain critique restricts her ability to stay relevant… Selah. Encouragment w/out critique = stunted growth.

How much do we really listen when critique, true critique, comes across our desks? Or do we dismiss it because we don’t like to hear it? Is it stunting our growth personally, or worse yet, corporately in the church?

Just a thought…