And Now, An Uncomfortable Word from Our Sponsor…


It is a word which has split generations, churches, and businesses throughout history. Yet, it is at the very core of what Christ calls each and every one of us to do daily. As the saying goes, "Life is change; and if you’re not changing, then you’re dead!"

Someone sent me an excerpt from Rick Bundschuh’s book "Don’t Rock the Boat, Capsize It" from NavPress a few years back. It’s content has sadly remained true to this day in the majority of situations. In the excerpt, he spoke about how humans are creatures of habit and hate to deal with anything too uncomfortable inasmuch as it is asking them to do or think something different. We still see this even in the secular realm when people still cling to the thought that the reason something is bad in my life is because of some external enemy – rather than looking at changing the internal causes.

He mentions that we sometimes don’t even notice our resistance to change when we first start out, but nonetheless, it does happen because it ends up being easier and we can go on "auto-pilot".

Mr. Bundschuh suggests making change a tradition in life. I have been in ministries on both ends of this, where tradition is above all else, and where change is the norm. While the tradition is easier to get a grasp on, it is by far less effective in reaching others for Christ. It used to be said that every 5-10 years, a new method needs to be implemented to remain relevant, but with the ever-changing world we live in now, sometimes it only takes a year or two before things are outmoded. Overhead projectors, hymnals, and organs are considered relics of a time gone by in many churches, and yet even now things like PowerPoint, paper music, and Sunday morning services are becoming more and more a thing of the past because of changing technology and societal needs. Churches need to consider this when trying to follow Christ’s mandate of reaching their cities and beyond.

In our personal life, it is also suggested that we find ways to "change things up" to keep our brains stimulated and from atrophying. There has been some evidence that even something as simple as changing your route home occasionally helps stave off what we usually consider "old age" mentality, dementia, and feeling run-down.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy change! Don’t get me wrong, there are some creature comforts that I enjoy in my personal and church life. But if these things were to disappear as I knew them, it would not stop me from enjoying life…I wouldn’t leave my community of believers over it. I am always trying to discover new ways of cooking, new music, new books, movies, friends, etc. because it is a fun challenge to master or grasp the innovation that is God given creativity in humanity. Even God shakes things up daily – why else would we all look so different, and not one person have the exact same fingerprint, iris pattern, or personality? Why else would we have so many varieties of plants, animals, and habitats? If God is that into change and diversity, shouldn’t we give it a try as well?

I’m adding this book to my wish list for future reading – may I suggest you try it too? 🙂


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